Affordable Geeky/Funny T-shirts in Sydney
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Where can I buy t-shirts like this in Sydney?

Not that Todd Sampson is my style icon, but I am looking for geeky, funny t-shirts in Sydney that won't bankrupt me. All I can find are $30-40 t-shirts. Is there a cheaper option?
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It was four years ago, but one of the stores outside of Manly Beach had a bunch of shirts like this (rip offs of Threadless shirts, especially). It was a dollar store/budget kinda place that sold a bit of everything.
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Best answer: Way cheaper to buy them online. I'm in NSW too, and I pick up shirts for my kids, often from Threadless and Jinx. Ebay is a pretty good source, too.
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Sadly online is really the best place to go.

Keep an eye on which collects all the cool "one a day" tshirt places, they're generally $10-$15 each with $10 shipping.
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Response by poster: Threadless seems to be what I was looking for. Thanks!
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