I want to watch the OTHER black and gold team, please!
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Where is a good place to watch a non-Steelers football game on TV in Pittsburgh?

So I moved to Pittsburgh earlier this year, and am super excited that it's finally football season! I've had no problems catching my college games on Saturday nights (Geaux Tigers!), but it seems that the Saints will never be the spotlighted game up here. I'm not interested in buying a cable sports package, so I'm searching for a good place to catch a game that isn't the Steelers.

I live in the Regent Square area, so I'm open to anything within the city. I don't really want to drive out to the 'burbs, since a) I'll probably have a drink or two and b) I'll get totally lost. I'm 33, female, and will be going solo to watch the game. Looking for a place where I can maybe sit at the bar, get some food to munch on, have a beer, and cheer on my team.

So, any good places around here with lots of tvs and a decent atmosphere for watching Sunday football?
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A near impossibility in this town even when most dept stores broadcast the game over their loudspeakers.

There's supposably a Packers bar in Greenfield.

I did just look at the schedule and it seems like the Steelers--Saints only have two games that overlap times lots and that isn't until Week 16. Most bars will probably be happy to put the game on. D's in your hood, Mad Mex Shadyside, Buffalo Blues to name a few. Unless it's a division rival, then the fan base would probably want to watch that...
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I came in to suggest Buffalo Blues too. I might also halfway remember watching non-Steelers games at Six Penn Kitchen, but that was a few years ago and I'm not 100% sure about that.
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All of the above bar suggestions are good. You may want to pop in on Saturday and ask if they'll be showing it or if they're amenable to showing it. Sunday afternoons are not typically high traffic times.

NOLA is located in Market Square downtown (trying to think of New Orleans-themed places) but I've never been and it may not be a 'sit at a bar and drink a beer' kind of place.
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I laughed so hard I snorted coffee up my nose!

You know the Waterfront development just over the Homestead Gray's Bridge? I used to haunt Mitchells Fish Market, and I think they have TV in the bar. You can do oysters and watch the game there.

Any place that has a sports package and multiple TVs is your best bet. There's a Dave and Busters down there, that might be a good place as well.

I will say that unless you've got some compatriots you'll feel a mite lonely.
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OK, not totally ideal, but you could try posting or searching on the Saints subreddit or canal street chronicles or some site like that and see if there are any people around that area watching the game. Also, not sure how much you follow other teams, but if you are flying solo it's pretty handy if you know a little bit about the other games going on if you want and easy way to talk to other random expatriot fans. Good luck, Whodat.
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