How to clean a TV screen?
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I need a cleaning towel for my large screen DLP TV. The manual says to use a cotton towel, but I find that solution to be less than perfect, a lot less than perfect. I've considered a microfiber cloth, but I don't have any experience with them, and the ones that get good reviews (from Amazon) are too small for the task I need them for. A cleaning solution is something I've considered, and plenty of them are labeled "safe for TV screen", but words are cheap and my TV isn't. Basically, I'm hopelessly lost, and would appreciate some suggestions on a TV screen cleaning kit with a proven history of reliability and customer satisfaction. Thank you.
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I use Klearscreen on all of my TVs, laptops and nav units in my cars. Have for years, no problems. However, I have never owned a DLP TV, just LCD/LED and Plasma.
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In my experience, it's hard to go wrong with microfibre cloths of any size. Perhaps the ones designed for glass will provide you the best results.
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Booyah. 9 sq feet of soft microfiber towel.
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I bought some microfiber dish towels at Target.
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I use used dryer sheets - seems to help keep the dust from building up for longer than just a dry rag.
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Response by poster: Anyone familiar with Goja cleaning cloths?
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I use an ostrich feather duster and a damp microfiber for the nooks and crannies.
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cleanDR works great for me. I use it on TVs and computer monitors. Client equipment as well as my own.
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Microfiber cloths in the auto-cleaning section of a department store cost less and offer more variety than most anywhere else. In cleaning computer monitors and copier touch panels, Cut isopropyl alcohol to 30% will pull fingerprint oil without affecting anti-glare coatings or plastic, but test in a corner for a week to be safe.
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I bought a pack of 13 Goja cleaning cloths that amazon has for cheap They basically work and I don't hate them, but they're far from the softest most absorbent microfiber cloths I've used (those all came free with expensive electronics). They're not so bad that I am going to replace them, but I don't particularly recommend them.
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I take a kitchen sponge (only used for this) get it wet and squeeze it like mad until nothing comes out and it's just barely damp. Then I microwave it for 30 seconds and it comes out OMG hot steamy. I grab it with a dish towel to protect my delicate fingertips and give my screen a quick wipe. It's way better on my laptop and TV than anything else I've ever tried.
(the spongy side and *not* the scrubby side)
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I got a pack of Goja cloths for my iPad and they work great for getting fingerprints off. I don't think they'd work as well for general dustiness.
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I use a microfiber cloth and distilled water in a spray bottle for my flat screens with good results. Even a fairly small microfiber cloth will clean my 52 in TV just fine.
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