How to pick a good memory foam mattress.
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Anyone still recommend the Sleep Innovation Memory Foam Mattress after owning it for awhile?

Just discovered what I think is mold on the underside of my two year old mattress. So back to the drawing board I've been doing some research and people here and other places have recommended the Sleep Innovation Memory Foam Mattress available on Amazon:

My question is, for those who have bought this do you still like it? I would be purchasing a queen for my girlfriend and I.

Also, as a bonus question: Those of you that have a platform bed, what do you put in between the plywood planks and your mattress? We just put a sheet there but it seems weird. Maybe we just got a cheap platform.

Thanks in advance. Any other recommendations are also welcome. I also have a Costco membership but their website has so many mattresses I don't even know where to begin.
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Had it for more than a year, still love it.
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I've only had mine for about a year, but I love it more and more each day.
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I've had mine for a year now and I adore it. I was really worried it would get very hot at night like I'd heard some foam mattresses do but this one doesn't at all. I've recommended it to everyone I know. I wish I could go back ten years and instruct myself to buy one of these instead of the overpriced pillowtop mattress I bought which wasn't as comfortable.
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I have had my Tempur memory foam mattress for nine years and I am still completely in love with it. I am a little sad whenever I have to sleep somewhere else – but then I appreciate it more when I come home.
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I have to agree 100% with dreamingviolet. Both that I wish I had bought this instead of the stupid Simmons Beautyrest pillowtop and cost an insane amount of money AND that it doesn't get that hot.
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well the mould is obviously because its not getting enough ventilation - so I dont' know that just buying a new mattress will solve you problem. My memory Foam mattress is also a bit mouldy on the bottom.

I don't put anything between the wooden slats and the mattress. The Mattress sits directly on the slats. I think its probably good to air them out occasionally - lift them up off the 'platform' for a day.
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Response by poster: cool, thanks everyone for your responses! The only issue with the mold is that I'm allergic and my gfriend has been randomly coughing the past few months so that could be the culprit. We air out our room and the mattress frequently, I also have a hygrometer to track the humidity so trying to figure out whether I might need to dehumidify might be my next step.

Although in the mean time, I might snag the Sleep Innovations memory foam while I'm at it.

Just to be clear, from those who bought it off Amazon, it comes in a box, correct? And then it enlarges into the mattress shape? Seems crazy.

Thanks again everyone!
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Yup, bought it from Amazon, comes in a box.
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I've got one too, still love it after more than a year.
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I have a home made platform bed and it has 1x4" slats [that go across the short way with one more long-side center piece so they are lying across three points] instead of plywood planks and it works well. Don't know if replacement is an option for you. You might also think about varnishing the planks so they don't actually hold in moisture. Sorry can't help on the mattress question.
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Response by poster: great, thanks for helping out with the rest of my questions. Huge help and I feel a lot better about getting the memory foam if I decide to go for it.
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Yes it comes compressed, vacuum-wrapped, and folded into a surprisingly small box. DO NOT puntcure the plastic wrapping until you have it next to or on the bed, it inflates pretty quickly!
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I will be the voice of dissent -- I f-cking hated this bed.

I really missed the utility of a normal bed. All I could do was sleep on it and it's hard as hell, so basically I had to climb on top of it, find a comfortable position and be committed to that position for several hours. All fine and good, got pretty good sleep, but I liked to read books or magazines, lay up with my ipad or laptop or just chill and this bed almost completely negated all of that.

For me those things were important and this bed was just too hard / cumbersome for that so I ultimately got rid of it.

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I was already thinking about buying a mattress when I came across this AskMe on the day it was posted. After visiting several mattress stores, convincing myself that I did indeed like this kind of mattress when I put my body on it, waiting, debating, ordering, waiting more, opening, watching the inflating, and sleeping on it for a week or so now I can say that I am very pleased with my purchase, and very happy I saw this question here.

I feel I should add that I am a tall guy with a slim build, not rippling with muscles but no weakling. The box was a pain to get into and out of a car and through the house. I recommend finding helpers.
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SoulOnIce (or others), what makes it hard to read books or lay in bed with a laptop on this bed?

Also, does anyone know how this compares to any specific memory foam mattresses I might be able to try out in person somewhere?
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My girlfriend has a Serta memory foam mattress, somewhere in the middle of their range (both dollar-wise and squishiness factor). My Sleep Innovation mattress is noticeably more stiff when you first sit or lay down. Overall I sleep about the same on both beds, as does she, but the first reaction is that mine is much harder.
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