(I know it's a long-shot) but could someone identify what kind of videoplayer this is and let me know where I can acquire/download it from please.
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(I know it's a long-shot) but could someone identify what kind of videoplayer this is and let me know where I can acquire/download it from please.

The link below will probably take you to a page where the video works fine. But on my computer it won't let me play the video. I have tried downloading the 'click here' for the video download and of the two times I've tried this I did manage to get it to work once, but it also downloaded about 5 or 6 other really irritating programs (you didn't get a choice whether to install them or not) so I un-installed them.

Does anyone know what video player this is and where I can directly download it without the other crappy programs as add ons.

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It's a flash video, and the direct link is www.videoweed.es/file/p9rfzb97ceoc4 If you have a Mac, you can get a flash plug-in for Firefox that should let you play the video. I hope this works for you. :)
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Hmm.... I went on your link and now the video is playing... But the same video still won't play from the original source. Can I download the video player from your link?
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The link I posted has an embedded flv (flash video) file, without a download link. It is designed to play in Adobe Flashplayer in your browser window. If you are clever (or just search "Save flv file"), you can find how to grab an flv out of your browser cache and save it.
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The "original source" for this video is figment's videoweed page, not animefreak. The video player animefreak uses isn't anything special or new that you need to download; it's just the regular old adobe flash player that you already have. Animefreak is embedding videoweed's flash player into their page, and wrapping a bunch of advertising crap around it.

The video wouldn't play on animefreak for me either, until I unblocked the nine million third-party adservers and trackers animefreak has embedded into their page. So, if you need to view the video on animefreak specifically, I'd start with disabling any adblockers/flashblockers/etc you have in your browser. It should play some 30 sec ads for you, then the anime. Honestly, though, because animefreak doesn't seem to have any problem with loading a bunch of unwanted junk on your computer, I'd suggest just watching the video from the videoweed page, or better yet, downloading the flv directly and playing it from your hard drive.

If you're using Firefox, the Video DownloadHelper addon is an easy way to grab embedded flash video. Just install, play your video, hit the downloadhelper button, and play the flv in your regular media player program. The other browsers should have similar addons or extensions.
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Sadly Figment, I don't know enough about computers to be able to pull that off, but thanks for trying.

Maqsarian... I don't even know how to do what you recommended either.... sorry.
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I think your installation of Flash is probably broken, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling, or searching for an updater. Do you have any other browsers installed to test the same URL?
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This link may time out so, right click and hit save as soon as you can! You should be able to play the video with VLC.
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