Brain based learning research and social studies classrooms.
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Where can I find more academic information online about brain-based learning research?

I am a Masters of Education graduate student. I am currently interested in reading a little bit more about brain-based learning research, but I am having a hard time finding useful articles that pertain to the specific classrooms that I am interested in. I am looking for brain-based learning research that pertains to teaching social studies (economics, geography, history, government, current events, etc) in a secondary (middle or high school) classroom. I have tried searching JSTOR and ERIC, but am having a lot of trouble finding anything useful. At this point, I would even settle for brain based learning research simply pertaining to teaching adolescents. Can anyone help me out or point me to some useful educational databases that might have more information about this subject? Thanks!
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As you have access to JSTOR and ERIC I'll assume you have access to other academic journal databases. Try PsycInfo, ScienceDirect, Education Full-Text. It's Educational Psychology more than anything else.
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P.S.: The reference librarian at your local university should be able to help you with this. You can also look for subject guides or LibGuides on your university library's website.
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As someone who worked in psychology and specifically brain imaging, you might want to refine your search question a bit to define what you mean by 'brain based research' because unless that's a technical term in your field (it isn't really in psychology) you won't find what you're after.

I used science direct for most of my psychology literature searching and psychinfo a bit after that.
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Google Scholar has been very helpful for me. As mareli mentioned, your university will probably give you access to many/most of the journals that it indexes.
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You might want to take a look at the Harvard School of Education's Mind, Brain and Education Program. Scour the professors, and search their names and CVs for research in this area.
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Just wanted to thank mareli and absquatulate for their help. After exploring Harvard's Mind, Brain, and Education Program's website for awhile, I found an entire journal dedicated specifically to this type of research, and my problem was solved! Thanks for all the great help! I love AskMetafilter.
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