Portland OR telephone/data/wiring brick and mortar?
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Portland OR telephone/data/wiring brick and mortar? Preferably on the eastside?

I was hoping to find a brick and mortar store in Portland OR to pick up a DSL POTS splitter and some other telephone wiring stuff. Preferably on the eastside.
Thought there would be tons of places but can't seem to find anywhere, (at least via a bit of googling) and this is outside my typical area of expertise.
Home Depot was very limited with respect to data/phone wiring when I was in there earlier today...haven't tried any other bigbox places, but kind of think this is more of a specialty kind of thing that a dedicated data/wiring/etc type of place might have?
Thought some mefites could point me in the right direction.
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Lowes has an ok telephone wiring section. There is always Fry's. If you know what you need, call Graybar in the NE.

Maybe if you could be more specific, because lowpass/highpass filters aren't that hard to find these days - best buy, radioshack, etc will carry them.
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Fry's, Graybar and Radio Shack will have this stuff. If you have DSL in your house, call your provider and ask them to send you some.
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I want to split my dsl signal at the outside box, and then rewire the phone and dsl lines inside the house. I think what I want is something like a 66 block, but would be open to a simpler solution if one exists.
Thanks for the help so far!
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It sounds like you want to install the low pass filter at the NID? and then run a dedicated line for the DSL modem? There is not a ton of advantage to this other than only having one place to track down a problem with the filter. You don't really need a 66 block to do this, really you just need some stripped down cat 6, and a couple of beans (basically mechanical splicers).

A 66 block means punch down tools, some sort of weather resistant housing/etc, you probably don't need that unless your home wiring situation is ridiculously complex...
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