Need PTSD Help in Richmond, Virginia
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This newspaper article is about me. Basically, I have I PTSD and struggle with depression. I am looking for a good therapist in Richmond, Virginia. I've tried a number of them, but have never found a good match. It occurs to me that someone here might know someone, so I thought I'd ask. I found one recommendation from 2009, but would like to find more. Thanks in advance...
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I'm not in your area, but I found my awesome therapist through the Psychology Today website. The therapists list their specialties and write a blurb that helps you get to know them. I went through 2 other therapists before I found mine, but when I did, we just clicked and she helped me change my brain and then my life.

You've been through a lot. That will never change. But how you perceive it can change. I wish you peace.
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Thank you so much for all you've done.
Have you tried Jewish Family Services yet? I've only been with them for a few months, but I like my therapist there more than any other I've tried.
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Check your MeFi mail.
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