Employment resources for teens
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The non-profit where I work runs an employment program for teens. I've been tasked with helping to come up with content for a facebook page for this program. We'll be posting info on local job opportunities, but I'm looking for more general resources on employment & education for teen audiences. Are there any good blogs or websites? Podcasts? Youtube channels? Books worth reading & recommending? Other sources for ongoing content?

Ideally, these sources should not be geared towards a college audience, most of the youth we work with are still in high school or have dropped out and we are helping them in obtaining their GED.
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You might find some good material in the for teens section of the Chicago Public Library. It always surprises me when I'm at the HWLC branch how many high school aged kids I see hanging out there using the space and working with the library staff, so I guess they must have something worthwhile to offer.
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Recommended book: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens
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Snag A Job is a popular job site for part time - teenager type jobs. They might have some useful content to point to.
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