DVDs need storage
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Hit me with your best storage solutions for many DVDs (in cases) that is stylish, simple, available in Canada, and appropriate for a house with small children.
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How many DVDs are we talking about, and how do you want them displayed? These DVD binders are rather nice-looking and can hold between 48 and 60 discs.
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I recently picked up a few LERBERG shelves from IKEA. They've not necessarily kid-proof, but as long as you mount them high enough up on the wall they should be fine. They're specifically designed to hold DVDs (or CDs) and they don't take up a ton of room.
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It's a couple hundred DVDs, and we'd like to keep them in their original cases. We have a closeable shelf (looks like a very shallow dresser) from IKEA but it looks like they don't make it anymore. Ideally something like the LERBERG linked by asnider, but keep ideas coming! I'd also like to look at closeable storage.
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