Ideas for music in my car?
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I think my 1993 Toyota Celica will only last another few years, so I don't want to install a new stereo system in it, but the existing speakers are blown and I gotta have some decent way to play music. Can you suggest other alternatives? Mostly interested in playing music from my smartphone, not really concerned with FM radio or CDs. Thanks!
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Best answer: You can replace the speakers in your car, you know.

You might want to go to the Crutchfield web site, scroll down, click on "Outfit my car", and they'll provide information on whether particular speakers will fit, how hard it is to install them yourself, and will send you a kit with any appropriate mounting hardware with your order.
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I listen to music in the car on an iHome2Go. It works fine, I just need to have the stuff I want to listen to cued up.
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You can get an affordable new head-unit with an aux-in for your iPhone/Android phone and new speakers for not that much money. If you DIY and install it yourself, it'll cost even less.
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Go on eBay and buy used OEM speakers from a car like yours, that someone is selling cheap because they installed aftermarket ones and they're hoping to recoup a bit of that expense.
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I use this Altec Lansing rechargeable iPod/iPhone Dock in my 57 Chevy. I'm not overly thrilled with it, but it gets the job done, and I didn't have the $250.00 to drop on the Bose version. Also, I drive with the windows down and a 350 V8 is quite loud, so that definitely affects my enjoyment. Of course, this is contingent on you having an iPod/iPhone (I don't remember if it has an AUX in), but I'm sure you could get a very similar model with a headphone jack in it that's not Apple dependent.

That said, it's rechargeable, and it's awesome to use it for patio parties and jamming out while cleaning the house room-to-room when not in the car.
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I got the cheapest speakers at Walmart for $30-40, I think? They're fine. It's not a complicated install.
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Is there any particular reason you wouldn't be able to unbolt the speakers from your dead car before you take it to the dump?

Buy some used speakers on ebay, install them yourself, enjoy them for a year or two, then sell then back on ebay. It will cost you shipping plus maybe 10 buck in depreciation.
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Response by poster: I was under the impression that speaker installation was pretty complicated and requires special tools and removal of a bunch of paneling - it sounds like it shouldn't be as difficult as I was expecting then. Thanks all.
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Oh, holy hell, speakers is *easy*. And cheap.
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Yes, speaker swapping is really easy if you're putting the same or equivalent speakers in. Just be very careful and gentle removing the actual door panel (or other internal panels). Try to remove them as gradually as you can and the little catches and clips will survive. If you try and rip them open like a door the panel will squeak and/or not fit properly afterwards. That's pretty much the secret to door panel removal, to be honest. Check (twice) that you have all the screws out before you start swinging on it and then gently start prying as evenly as you can.
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