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Intermittent bright spot on one-month-old new Dell Inspiron 15R laptop. How do I fix this?

My laptop is around a month or so old, and I've never travelled with it or dropped it or misused it in any way. Today, I noticed a bright spot on the screen. I thought it might have been a stain of some kind, but cleaning the screen did not help. The spot is most noticeable against light grey backgrounds, where it appears as bright white. Against darker backgrounds, say dark green, it is very faint, and against a black background, fainter still. Closing the laptop lid and opening it a few times makes the spot go away, but it returns after a few minutes. I tried shutting down the computer for a few minutes and restarting it, but again, the spot has returned.

Any ideas as to what might be causing this? How do I fix this? Is there any control panel setting/software I can use? I don't think it is a dead pixel, as I've tried using software to locate it and it doesn't classify it as one.

I'm using Windows 7, if that matters.

Thanks for your help!
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Is the monitor next to a speaker? I know that's an issue for CRTs, not sure about laptops.
posted by MrMoonPie at 8:51 AM on September 11, 2012

Nope, nowhere near a speaker.
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Sounds like a hardware/connector defect. Since it's under warranty, call Dell.
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I called Dell support. I was told that it is a dead pixel and up to 1-3 dead pixels is an accepted number. They can only replace or fix the screen if there are 3 or more dead pixels.

Is there any way I can fix this issue on my own? The one dead pixel is near the centre of the screen and very annoying.
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Oddly enough, the dead pixel is not visible at all on a completely black screen (background colour).
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Is your spot only the size of a single pixel, or is it several pixels (or more)? If it is a dead pixel, then it is not something you can fix, but is a defect within the LCD itself.
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If its a stuck/dead pixel, you can try massaging it. YMMV.
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You might want to call Dell back and press them for your options as it is in a spot that is very inconvenient for you. If you can't convince them to give you a warranty replacement, you might be able to negotiate a discounted refurbished replacement for being a good customer. I haven't dealt with Dell in ages however, so they may not be as nice about this sort of thing as they were back in the day....but it's worth a try!
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How big of a spot are we talking? If the spot is dime sized thats more than one pixel and as such should be repaired.
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