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Please recommend multi-player online-adaptable games that are not MMORPGs.

I am part of an RPG group that plays online using Skype, rptools, WOTC, and other online resources. We are looking to switch things up with some other games, either strategy games, role-playing games, or online board games.

1) Are not MMORPGS or FPS.
2) Can accommodate 3 to 6 players in 2 to 4 locations connected by Skype.
3) Do not require 'real life' props other than dice and pen and paper
4) Do not require video conferencing
5) Can be resolved in 3 to 8 hours (1 or 2 sessions)

We played 'Fiasco' this weekend and it went well. We will probably try that again. We will probably try Ticket To Ride Online next.

I haven't been able to come up with any other options. Please throw us some other ideas.
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A friend of mine recently discovered VASSAL, which is an open-source boardgame engine. There's a ton of "modules" you can download in order to play different games, most of which are of the strategy/warfare variety. But there's also things like Arkham Horror and so on.

Be warned that some of the modules are definitely more complete and user-friendly than others, but in general it's not difficult to get connected and there are plenty of tutorials for getting games up and running.
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Seconding VASSAL as a good place to start. (VASSAL on the Blue.)
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The Civilization series might work. Not entirely sure if the later games support hot-seat play anymore, though, so each player will need their own computer.
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That would be ok - we have more computers than people.
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