I want to sing a song in a red satin strapless dress.
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Does there exist a fancy karaoke venue in Manhattan? I'm turning 31 and I want to have a birthday party at a karaoke bar. I would also like to dress up.

I'm thinking something like... a karaoke cocktail lounge. I don't want to rent a private room.

Does this exist? Am I completely nuts? If it doesn't exist, is there anything even approximating it? I don't want to go to a divey or fratty karaoke bar.
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Maybe try a piano bar that allows customers to sing. I've been to a nice one in the theater district but can't recall it's name. Perhaps other MeFites might know better.
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Response by poster: (I don't want a piano bar that allows customers to sing--truthfully, I want to rap. The "karaoke" part is non-negotiable)
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And the answer is... BABY GRAND. I hope it's big enough; they do private parties on Sundays. And they say 25 people fit, but we've gotten like 40 to 50 in there.
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Came in here to suggest Baby Grand. I am old friends with the owners and they are awesome peeps.
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Response by poster: Oh god. Sorry to thread-sit. Baby Grand sounds great but I do not want to have a private party. I want a larger space where people can just come and I don't have to reserve something in advance.
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Arlene's Grocery?
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I've heard good things about Pulse, but I've never been there myself.
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Radio Star Karaoke, in Koreatown, didn't feel divey or fratty the time I went there last year. I was there for a private party, but it seems you can sing at the bar and get charged per song. It seemed like the kind of place where you can dress up and no one will look at you funny.
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