Help me find lyrics of Knee Play 4 from “Einstein on the Beach” by Philip Glass
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What words are the chorus singing beginning here in Knee Play 4 of Philip Glass's “Einstein on the Beach”? Alas much googling has failed me.
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Best answer: I think it's "Fa Sol La Mi", if I recall correctly.

I'll see if I can find my copy, I think the original booklet contained the lyrics...
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Do Re Mi Fa Sol, actually.
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Best answer: Oh, it didn't start at the right place for me, sorry. The link was wonky and it restarted from the beginning, which is Do Re Mi Fa Sol. Fa Sol La Mi, indeed.
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Why are you both adding the "l" to "So"? I've always seen (and heard, thanks to The Sound of Music) Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do. Is it a dialect thing?
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juiceanddoom: more than you ever wanted to know about solfège.
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Indeed, I just looked at the Wikipedia article. I had left the "l" off when I first wrote the answer...
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Hmm - ok, but now "sol, a needle pulling thread" doesn't really work does it?

As an even more asidey but perhaps interesting aside, I first encountered this Philip Glass fellow through djbc's rendition of Einstein on the Beach which mashes it with the Beastie Boys.
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