Finding an apartment in Copenhagen
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I'm moving to Copenhagen in a couple months. How do I go about finding an apartment?

Some scattered thoughts:

I imagine I'll be sharing an apartment with one or more people for a year or so. I guess unfortunately that'll mean I'll be taking a place sight unseen.

I heard that Denmark has these things called "boligforeningen (/-er)." Do I join one now? Should I join one now? How? Which?

I'm working in the DR Byen area, so I guess I would want some place either in Sundbyen or Amager. Are these the neighborhoods I want? Should I look at other places as well?

I'm living in Norway now, so I don't expect too great of a culture shock.

If there's some forum or blog I should be posting this question to instead, I'd also like to know.
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What's your budget? In what kind of area do you want to live? It's very hard to find a place here, but if you are willing to compromise on location and live further out it's doable. Sundbyen is not an individual area in the city, just a part of Amager, really. Amager is not really the most exciting place to live IMO, but it's affordable.

I'd say that you shouldn't really bother to sign up with any "boligforeninger", since you have to be written up for years to get an apartment in most of them. Look on places like Boligportalen, BoligBasen,, and DBA. Most things disappear pretty fast, especially right now at the start of the school year where many students are moving to town, so check the sites regularly and write to people as soon as possible.
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