Peppermint, spearmint, wintergreen, ginger, cinnamon, liquorice, cool honey, but sadly not creme de menthe. One of every kind of Altoids mints.
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For a present, I want to buy one of every different flavor of Altoids mints (just the regular size mints, not the gum or smalls). The problem is that they seem to only be sold in bulk. Is there anywhere online that will sell me every variety individually? Or does anyone know a place in the Orange County, CA area that stocks the entire range of Altoids?
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Don't know for sure, but my best guess would be Cost Plus for some of them. Also check Yelp for candy, a few places listed there.
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Airport stores always seem to have lots of different ones.
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I've never used these people but they do have single tins in 6 flavors.

You could also try calling Wrigley's (1-800-Wrigley) and asking if they know of a retailer in your area.
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I don't have a correct answer, but came in to say that I was given a gift last year of a variety of mints from a California company called Hint Mint. (I'm a bit of a mint freak.) I like them better than Altoids and the tins are lovely! They're not super easy to find outside of California (or the USA, I guess), which makes them better gifts imo, especially if the receiver is a foreigner.
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Trader Joe's usually has a wide variety. At my local shop they are sold just next to the register. I don't remember if they had all flavors, but you could start there and then hunt down the more difficult to find varieties.
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