Weightlifting-oriented gym in Boston near the FiDi?
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Weightlifting-oriented gym in Boston near the FiDi?

I'm looking to sign up for a gym near the financial district in Boston and I'd really like one that's more focused around weight lifting and whatnot.. I won't ever take any aerobics classes, yoga, etc.

I want a gym that has a lot of free weights, a lot of machine weights, and some running machines would be nice, but that's about it.

Fancy locker rooms and showers are not high on my priority list either, if at all.

In terms of price range, I'd like to spend maybe $60/mo., tops.

I'm the kind of dude who goes straight into the gym, changes, works out, and leaves within an hour.. and I feel like a lot of the gyms in Boston are about classes, personal instructors, fancy equipment, etc. And those things cost money! So I've been seeing a lot of gym memberships that are in excess of $60 and I feel like I'd be paying to subsidize other peoples' usage of those classes and machines (all things I won't ever use or take advantage of).

SO.. that being said, any recommendations?

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Not in the Financial District at all, it's in Everett, but Total Performance Sports is exactly what you describe, and is one of the best gyms in the US according to Men's Fitness Magazine.
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There's also the guys over at Cambridge Strength and Conditioning. At the very least they may know of more gyms in the area, so you may want to contact them.
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I walk by a Boston Sports Clubs across South Station that has what seems to be a well set up weight room. No idea about cost.
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The BSC in Downtown Crossing also has a reasonably good weight room, a little bit better than the one at South Station, if I recall correctly... one squat rack, two cages, plenty of plates (including some bumper plates if you're a beginner), a few benches, numerous machines and about a zillion treadmills. When I was a member it was $71, which is out of your price range, but I stuck with it (until jumping ship for a Crossfit gym) because it was convenient and actually had a full weight room, which is hard to find. The $71 was for the "regional" membership (access to almost all BSCs) so if one of these locations offered the gym-specific membership it may be cheaper.

It definitely caters to the set you're trying to avoid with the fancy locker room and classes and all, but it's the only thing I can think of that fits geographically (there's also Fitcorp but their pricing structure is similar, I believe, and not sure how the weight room is.)
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