How to fix facebook people search?
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Facebook people search: Every time I search for a name I get the message: "No results found for your query. Check your spelling or try another term." Internet searching has found a lot of people with this problem, but not solution that I could find. What gives?

Say I search for "Tom." There will be a dropdown box of Tom's, usually either people I'm friends with or people none of whom are in my network or are plausibly the person I'm looking for. When I click on the search icon to the right of the box it takes me to a list of famous Toms' official facebook pages, with below that results from posts by friends, and below that "people you may know." When I click on the people search filter to the left I get the error message in a yellow box, and below that a list of people I may know. This has been happening on and off (mostly on) for months. What's going on?
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Well, I don't get the error message, but what I get is pretty much what you get less the error box -- I have "search tools" (location, etc. drop down), "results", and "people you may know". So maybe nothing is actually missing. What do you think should be there instead?

I assume you have tried this after logging out and logging back in, or possibly trying it in a different browser or on a different computer?

For the most part I resign myself to living with the beast.
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I have tried on multiple browsers and computers and after logging out.

What there should be is that when I search for Tom Smith or David Jones or any name at all and go to people it should have a list of all the people with that name that I can then filter according to network, location, etc. Instead it tells me that there exist zero people named Tom Smith/David Jones/Etc.
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I've had the same issue. I just chalk it up to Facebook sucks.
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