Halloween makeup - on a scooter
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Day of the Dead full face makeup for Halloween. On a scooter. Wearing a helmet. How do I keep the makeup from smearing?

I'm excited about attending the Crescent City Crawl in New Orleans this year, the weekend before Halloween. It's a scooter rally culminating with a full-costume ride through the city on Saturday night. I have most of the components for my Day of the Dead costume and want to make the full-face makeup worthy of winning a prize. This is my helmet. The inside padding hits my face about three inches in front of my ears and I need to know how to keep the makeup from smearing. I do intend to buy and experiment with the better brands mentioned in previous questions, BUT I'll probably be putting on and taking off my helmet numerous times during the night. Is there a specific kind of white face paint makeup that will set enough to survive the night? Or a fixative that I can spray that will keep it from smearing? Will hairspray really do the trick? Or do I need to just give up on the intricate makeup altogether? I really, really want to stop at a red light, flip up my visor, and smile at the car next to me showing my full skull makeup. Please help me make this happen.
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Ben Nye makes some amazing white makeups that have varying cling factors - I'm not up on them as much as I used to be, but I would suggest finding a good local costume shop and trying those out.

THEN pick a foundation primer to use under the white - Sephora will have several to choose from.

THEN use a setting spray on top - this is the one I know about that gets all the raves: Urban Decay All Nighter.
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Nigel Beauty is a beauty supply store located in North Hollywood, CA that carries all the theatre makeup brands - Ben Nye, Kryolan, and so many more. The employees are all fantastic and know their stuff. I would give them a call, and ask your question. If you went there in person (I see from your profile that you are thousands of miles away), they would certainly be able to help you.

I'm not sure how much time they'll be able to spend with you on the phone, but if you tell them you'll buy the needed products from them - you can order online and probably via phone - they might be able to help. Or, perhaps there is a similar theatre makeup / beauty supply store near you.
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Fill an old sock with baby powder. Pound it around until the powder starts coming through the sock. Pat your face with the sock so the baby powder comes through and sets your makeup. Old clown trick.
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While I am a tireless advocate for full face helmets, this may, in fact, be a good excuse to buy a half helmet.
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Haven't tried All Nighter, but have heard good things.
And speaking as a former theatre makeup artist, Ben Nye is good shit.

Lots of translucent powder. Ben Nye makes a good one intended for theatre work (lots of cosplayers use their stuff too to last through conventions, photoshoots, etc.) but you can use something from the drugstore, too. No such thing as too much powder; the excess will just fall off or you can use a big fluffy brush to gently dust it off. If you have brighter colors (reds, turquoise, anything like that) or blacks that you want to keep REALLY black, you might want to look for a coordinating matte (or hell, even glittery/shimmery) eyeshadow to use as a second layer of powder to keep the colors from looking too chalky.

All that being said, taking your helmet off and on a bunch is obviously not great for face makeup, and I don't know what the humidity/heat is going to be like in NOLA that time of year, but those are also factors you're going to have to work against.
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Yep: sock filled with baby powder. Cheap, and totally effective. If you just powder the hell out of it (and subsequently brush the excess off), it will not run.
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If you were to get a half helmet for this event, you could paint it to match your makeup, like it's the back of your skull.
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Best answer: Try All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray by Urban Decay.

since this has been mentioned twice, here's a tip: UD's setting spray is made by Skindinavia, and you can have more sizes and options from them. (Currently they also have a free shipping + free mini sale at the moment).

However, I still think that after multiple on/offs with the helmet, you're going to have smears. Many Dia de los Muertos participants don't do the white pancake makeup and look just as cool.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the input. I love the pic without the white base, and will probably go with that option.
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