Wanted: Great Restaurant Near Dulles
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DC-VA-MD filter: My girlfriend arrives from Italy into Washington-Dulles next Friday at 8:30. I live in Baltimore, so by the time she gets through customs and we drive back, it will be well after 10pm. Do you know a great restaurant (not Italian, Mexican or Sushi*) somewhere in the vicinity of Dulles? I don't mind going a bit out of our way, but it should be no more than 15 minutes away.

Yes, I know about Yelp, but it's not really reliable. I have much more faith in the wisdom of AskMe.

* She won't eat Italian outside of Italy, I won't eat Mexican north or east of Texas, and she just doesn't like sushi. Other Japanese and Asian is OK.
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Shamshiry is a delicious and somewhat surprising Persian restaurant out there-- 13 minutes away according to Google Maps. It was always our go-to place when we wanted a decent restaurant near Dulles. The web site says they're open until 11 pm.
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There's a number of good Asian places in the area that I've heard about, but the only one I've been to is Thai Basil, although sadly they close at 9pm.

You may want to check out the forums at Chowhound, and look for places in Chantilly, Herndon, or Reston.
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Alborz is another good option, 15 mins from Dulles, and open till 12 am on Friday/Sat nights. Rightfully popular option in the area.
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Tyler Cowen's blog is a pretty definitive guide to interesting food in Northern Virgina. Here's the page for Herndon/Reston/Dulles, which should all be pretty close to the airport, not sure about closing times, with text pasted in below. Reston town center could also be a back-up plan. It pretty corporate, but there's plenty of options.
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Reston Town Center, just off the Dulles Toll road on your way back, has a number of good restaurants. I can vouch for Busara Thai and Jackson's. Passionfish gets good reviews, but I've never tried it.

Seconding Taste of Burma, but Salone's has closed.
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If you want truly great -- expensive but worth the cost -- PassionFish in Reston Town Center is fantastic and seats until 10:30 on weekends. Otherwise, I live in the Town Center but normally drive to Herndon or other parts of Reston for restaurants because I find the RTC places pricey for the good-not-great meal you'll get. The crowds can also be very annoying on Friday nights. However, Clyde's and Jackson's kitchens both stay open until 2AM on weekends, so they may be strong options if the flight is delayed.

If you want interesting, I'd second Shamshiry in Tysons. Herndon options (all on or near Elden Street): Angeethi is both terrific and a bit classier than the other local Indian restaurants. Thai Tada is very good and does a robust late-night business. Masala Wok is a "fast casual" Indian/Asian chain (no table service) but stays open and hopping quite late. If the flight is super-delayed and you don't get out until after 2AM, Amphora Diner is the best 24-hour option around.
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There's Honey Pig in Centreville, about 15 minutes away from Dulles. It's Korean BBQ and open 24 hours.
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Angeethi is very good, as is Honey Pig. If you head home via toll road/beltway, what about Lebanese Taverna in Tysons Corner?
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Ice House Cafe in Herndon is good, and open until midnight on weekends.
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As an Iranian, I have to put my vote with Shamshiry and Alborz. Two of the best kabob restaurants in the area.
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I'm a big fan of Sweetwater Tavern in Sterling -- open till midnight on Fridays.
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Mokomandy is Korean-Cajun and delicious.
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Thanks for all the help. I made reservations at PassionFish, only to find a few days later that my gf had to cancel her trip. But there's lots of good info here for the future, thanks again.
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