Best Apple Recipes
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Next Sunday is Apple fest at church with the annual apple baking recipe contest. I intend to win this year. Please help me by sharing your best apple recipes with me.
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My father-in-law's apple pie secret: a layer of marzipan between the top of the apples and the top crust. In melts into the pie filling for uber yum.
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I was planning on making this today... it's very moist, almost like a custard, and while simply flavored, very delicious. Dorie Greenspan's French Apple Cake
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Smitten Kitchen's Apple Cake is as close to my mother's apple cake as I've ever found. Moist and lightly spicy, it actually gets better over the next two or three days.
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I've wowed people with Smitten Kitchen's Gingerbread Apple Upside Down cake. Make one or two to practice.

This vintage apple cake recipe is a standby of mine. I skip the nuts, usually, and play fast & loose with warm spices. Cardamom is often my secret ingredient.
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I use a recipe based on this one here. However, I add much more cinnamon and freshly ground nutmeg. I also only needed about 3 apples. Make sure to put some vents in the top crust part of your pie, too.

Key step in apple pie making: picking tart apples!!! Their acidity helps them stay together in whole pieces.
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This apple pie with maple syrup is really good. My nephew has been making it since he was 10 years old. His secret is an apple peeler corer/slicer which produces very thin slices for a dense apple pie. Good luck.
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