Graphics and NIC problems with Win 8
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I need someone to fix my pc! I am so sick of windows. My Display adapter causes my screen to go blank at random times and I loaded windows 8 and now my internet connection is at a crawl.

I know plenty about computers and I have tried to load different display and NIC drivers to no avail! Is there a service that will be able to handle difficult problems like this and stick to it until resolved?

I have an imac 24" with windows 8 and it's not like the exact or recommended drivers are published anywhere. The slow internet is a new windows 8 problem and the graphic problem only happened in windows 7 in aero mode. I was able to get around this in win 7 by being in standard display mode instead of aero. It looks like Win 8 is only in aero mode or something like that. Extremely frustrated!

THanks for any help with this!
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Uhm before i can offer advice, I just need toknow why you are running wnows on an imac, instead f osx - which it was built for, and which the hardware was presumably optimised for?
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Wow. Typos galore. My Pologies. corrections: why windows insted of osx on the imac?
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What exactly are you doing?

Are you running Windows directly on the iMac or as a virtual machine with Parallels or Fusion or through Apple BootCamp? That would make a difference as to what answers you need/will get?

How old is your iMac? What model number?

Make sure the hardware at least matches the Windows 8 hardware requirements.

They are called requirements for a reason.

We need more info other than this doesn't work.
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Thank you all for your follow ups. Apple lets you run windows on certain intel-based macs and provides drivers which I don't have anymore. I am running windows on my mac because originally I still needed some windows apps so I went with windows. I needed the latest quicken and photoshop elements. And believe me I tried to convert these over to apple, but can't get all of the functionality I need from the apple versions. I am running Windows directly on the Mac with no VM.

I am on an early 2008 24" iMac. I have the 3.06 with NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GS

I'm basically looking for someone to direct me to some kind of service that can help with these really technical problems. I don't think I'll be able to get through them myself even as a fairly technical person. Thanks for any help!
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Are you using Boot Camp to run Windows, or did you follow some other method?
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If using Boot Camp, you'll want to create a driver CD per Apple's instructions (I believe you can download them directly from Apple)
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OK, I found my old Apple iMac install disk and I reinstalled bootcamp. This put the old drivers back onto the system. I installed the old drivers from 2008 and waLa! I have my internet speed back and my graphics has only crashed 1 time in a week. much better. Still would like to move to all apple some day. Good lukc and thanks for listening.
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