How can I get generic Propecia/finasteride?
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How can I get a prescription for generic Propecia (finasteride) without a lot of doctor's visits?

My hair on one of my temples has been thinning slowly for about a year and a half. My family doctor said my thyroid is functioning fine, so it is likely male pattern baldness (family history would also confirm). Her knowledge of hair loss products is lacking, and she is not willing to prescribe me generic Propecia (5 mg finasteride). Propecia (1 mg) is too expensive for me. I've seen lots of forums and sites where users/patients divide the 5 mg finasteride tablets into 4 and use that as a lower-cost Propecia. I don't have significant hair loss at this point, and I feel this would be a better option than Rogaine (which I have an unused tube of, never tried) which doesn't help with the cause, just regrowth. I don't have strong health insurance, and doctor's visits are not covered by it. I can make a visit here and there, but it isn't cost effective. I would like to avoid overseas pharmacies if possible.

So what should I try? Would appreciate if the answers weren't about side effects (I'll weigh that in at some point) or things like "oh, there's nothing wrong with being bald" (not saying there is, but would rather have my hair). Let's focus on the question.
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I would recommend getting a new doctor. I've been shaving my head for several years, but when I was on Propecia, it was simply mine for the asking. It is not some drug subject to abuse where a doctor should have any hesitation, although some doctors are hesitant to recommend pill splitting. I suspect that is the issue here.

And, since this is a male health issue, it wouldn't hurt if your new doctor were a man.
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Do/did any men in your family have prostate cancer? Finasteride is prescribed to those with increased risk of prostate cancer. When my dad was diagnosed (and successfully treated) for minor prostate cancer, my brother used that bit of information to convince his doctor to prescribe him finasteride on label which I think was a big deal for that doc. So when you find your new doctor (which I think you're going to need to do) consider whether your family history and/or personal circumstances (age) make sense for an on label prescription for finasteride
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