ML Safari vs Bob the Angry Flower
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Bob the Angry Flower refuses to load in OS X Mountain Lion's Safari. Why?

Safari Version 6.0 (8536.25)

It was just fine in the Safari that I had prior to upgrading to ML.

Regardless the settings I use in the Develop menu, regardless the Preferences I choose, I get a set of empty html/head+body elements. Absolutely empty. And yet if I use the command-line "curl", I get a proper page.

No extensions. No proxy. No idea.
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I've got the same version of Safari running on Mountain Lion and can see that site fine.
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Response by poster: Gar. How bizarre.

I should note that Parental Controls are on, so that I can "force" a Bedtime Limits 10PM shut-down time for myself. Web filtering is not enabled. That said, there is a "" entry in the websites blocked log, and a few months worth of logs of sites visited. Angryflower is in the visited log.

Think I'll have to experiment with disabling PC & clearing the logs.
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Have you cleared your cookies/cache/etc? Try that.
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Response by poster: Of course.

It turns out disabling Parental Controls does the trick. Like that makes any sense.

I'll bet this also solves my black screen of doom each morning, where my laptop doesn't wake up, although it does show a cursor. It wants me to log in… but I don't know whether it wants the master account, the user account, a password, a name and password, etc. It's all just typing into the dark.

I am less and less happy with the OS X UI. There are flaws throughout it these days. It used to be pretty tight, and a damn sight better than Windows. Now, though, I often feel like I did back in those bad old '95 days.
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I hate to suggest this, because I know it's going to take some substantial time and backing up.

But, clean install? If you're like many people, you probably did an upgrade from Snow Leopard/Lion. Upgrading often causes odd problems like this, especially if you did an upgrade from Tiger or Leopard to Snow Leopard/Lion to Mountain Lion. Multiple upgrades are apt to cause odd behavior that can't be easily resolved.

So, if you are willing to take the time, re-download Mountain Lion from the App Store, download this tool (I know it says it's for Mac OS X Lion, but will work just fine with Mountain Lion) install Mountain Lion fresh (boot from the USB, choose Disk Utility, erase your HD, then do a clean install). Do NOT migrate stuff from your current installation. Reinstall all your apps and reconfigure all settings. I know, I know. It's a pain, it'll take some time, but it'll really clean up all the cruft that's presumably been building up over the years, and will give your system some much-needed whoosh. Plus, you'll get the benefit of absolutely no problems/oddities from your old install being carried over.

If your laptop/computer came preinstalled with ML (as in, new since this summer), then that's a glitch and shouldn't happen. Please take the time to report this to Apple, reproducing your steps. ML is still a new OS, but the quality control should be a bit better, IMHO, especially for simple scenarios like this. My guess is that somehow the settings became mixed up, but it still shouldn't happen. Try repairing permissions (open Disk Utility, click your HD, then Repair Permissions).

If you did an upgrade, however, clean install I'd strongly recommend, considering when you said that there are many flaws with the Mac OS X UI... it seems to me like there may have been some kind of glitch throughout the upgrade process, if it did happen. Mac OS X was never perfect, and I'd admit Lion was pretty buggy, but Mountain Lion (for me, anyway) has been better. However, there's always room for improvement.

Let us know how it goes!
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Update: Just reread your post and noticed that you did indeed do an upgrade. My bad for not noticing it in the first place. Also, I tested the website on my laptop running ML, and it works just fine. So, yeah... my advice to do a clean install stands.
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