Pining for orchards, but where to go?
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Suggestions for where to go apple picking near NYC?

In my ideal world, I would rent a car here in Brooklyn, fill it with some friends, drive no more than an hour or two and spend the day picking delicious apples. Then I would eat a tasty dinner someplace in the area, drive home, and bake a big stack of pies.

Where should I be going? There are so many farms to choose from, and most of the guides online are targeted to parents of young children. I'm a grownup who just really likes apple orchards, possibly accompanied by cider doughnuts, and I would love some recommendations from experience!
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Best answer: The Milk Pail on the east end of Long Island was fantastic the few times I went. Over a dozen people told me the apples I gave them were the best apples they've eaten in their entire life, so I wasn't the only one who thought that they were amazing.

But, as the name implies, Long Island is long -- it will probably take you a bit longer than two hours to get all the way out there depending on where you are in Brooklyn.
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Best answer: I have many fond memories of Masker Orchards in Warwick up in Orange County. I went with my mom and my son for a day-trip every fall for years. Yes, it's "family-friendly", but really everyone of any age can enjoy it. It's on Route 17A off Rte 17, definitely no more than 2 hours from Brooklyn. They sell apple cider that you can add to your apple pickings on the way out. There are also a number of charming family-owned diners in Orange County.
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Best answer: The Milk Pail is great! You can pick pumpkins too. I would estimate 2 hours of driving unless it is an extreme peak time like Friday evening; if you do a day trip it should be ok.
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Best answer: My friends & I have been going to Stone Ridge Orchard for a few years now and are always very happy there. Delicious fruit, low-spray, and in a really beautiful part of Ulster County (about 2 hours from Brooklyn). If you go on Sunday, there's a solid flea market in High Falls just down the road.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much! I will check these places out!
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