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Long time Blackberry user. Stuck with BB because it was so easy to sync with Outlook which I'm tied to by work. My BB crapped out last night (okay I washed it) and I went out and bought a Sprint Android Motorola Photon Q 4GLTE this morning on a whim. Sales lady says it syncs with Outlook no problem. I'm not seeing how. Do I DTMA or can you explain how I sync my Outlook contacts and calendar to this droid? I love you all.
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Settings > Accounts > Add Account > Corporate
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Is your Outlook using Exchange/Office 365 or is your mail server something non-Microsoft?

If Exchange, you should just need to know the server address. If 365, you should log into your web portal ( should work) and dig around in the settings until you find the one that tells you what server to use for mobile setup.

You'll be asked as part of the setup dialogue whether you want to sync mail, address, calendar, and tasks.
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Response by poster: I'm not trying to sync email. Just my contacts and calendar from my desktop. I don't receive my work email on my phone.

Not trying to sync to a server just desktop outlook.
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If you want to sync wirelessly anytime, use the menus that iamscott posted above. The Corporate sync program has settings so that it will sync only what you want, but it is through the server.

If you want to not use the server and sync by plugging the phone into your computer, check the Motorola site for the driver you need. I had to download one for my Motorola XPRT, otherwise it did nothing when I plugged it in (but I synced Outlook using the wireless and through the server).
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Response by poster: I've installed the Motorola Device Manager and it shows up in the control panel as installed but not on the start menu. Every time I plug the phone into the USB it wants to reinstall. No idea. I'll reboot.
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Response by poster: It appears that to sync desktop Outlook - not server/Exchange/wireless - it requires 3rd party software. I'm trying Android-Sync

If I were interested in synching to a mail server for email or had ANYTHING to do with a mail server or "Corporate" rather than just contacts and calendar off my desktop then .....
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Response by poster: Android-Sync worked perfectly for me but now I have Shingles
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