Recommendations for a LA therapist or psychologist?
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Can anyone recommend a therapist or psychologist in LA specialized in depression? (prefer Westchester, Marina Del Ray, Santa Monica area)

I'm looking for a therapist or psychologist in LA, Westchester, Marina Del Ray, Santa Monica area. Specialized in depression. I'm a student with no income, so someone who offers sliding scale will be great. (less than $100)

I'm pretty new to LA and I've been looking for past several months. I got a school therapist, but it didn't help me. I called several therapists or psychologists but it was too expensive, fully booked already or didn't call me back.

I'm wondering if anyone can give me recommendation or sharing experience with a therapist or psychologist in LA. Thanks
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South Bay Counseling Center is in El Segundo and offers a sliding scale.
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Southern California Counseling Center is a place where MFT's get their required training. It's near Pico and Fairfax. A hour one session can cost as little as $25 - if not lower.
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I went to SCCC (phaedon's link) when I was unemployed and depressed. It was... affordable care. They really do work with you on the price. I only went for about 2 months though before, well, before pretty much coming out of the funk myself. I do recommend giving it a shot, it certainly got me going in the right direction. Good luck!
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Do also check out what the school you're attending has to offer in the student counseling center. Some have limits of 6 or 8 sessions, but sometimes those aren't firm limits and you can see the counselors for quite a while. And of course the sessions should be free. The center may also offer free group meetings that could be helpful to you, if not depression specifically, maybe anxiety or procrastination, and hopefully (if they are progressive) support groups for coming out.
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Arthur Kovacs.
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Hi everyone,
Thank you for your help.
I went Southern California Counseling Center. They understood that I'm a student with no income. As Phaedon and Carsonb said, the fee is very affordable. First time there, I had to take an intake session which was $20. Then assigned therapist called me to schedule. I've been very happy with my therapist.

Thank you all.
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