Fetish footwear that isn't boots or heels?
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I'm looking for shoes I can wear with my sexy/gothy/fetishy clothes that aren't boots or heels.

For the years I've been getting tarted up and going to BDSM/fetish clubs I've worn Ye Olde Standard Stompy Boots. But they're not comfortable enough for my issue-ridden feet, and boots never fit me quite right anyway because I have huge calves and can never lace up the last few eyelets (even with short, 8-eyelet boots), so I'm looking for something else to wear. Unfortunately heels are right out (doctor's orders!), and not being particularly fashion-aware, I'm having a hard time thinking of what other options are out there that would be suitably sexy/edgy/cute. Can you help? I'd appreciate both general ideas and specific examples. I tend to wear sexy black dresses and corsets or leather vests with floofy skirts. I tend to stick with black but I don't mind wandering into the sillier, pinker, or glitterier side of sexy.
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Brothel creepers might work if you like this sort of look?
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omg shoes.

i like rocket dog, naot (especially these (drool), and fluevog. *swoon*
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Best answer: Shoes yay!

Brands that are sort of chunky futuristic with a focus on comfort that I love include Fidji and Arche.

For a fetishy vibe in something flat, what about a gladiator sandal? A couple years ago it was quite in style to have them all covered in spikes and studs and such, too.

If you're the right kind of feminine goth, you could pull off ballet slippers with ribbons winding up your (probably totally badass) calves.
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Best answer: Floofy skirts love them some ribbon legs. I think both of these example pics have been laced up weird, but flats you like + ribbon + glue and there you are.
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I would also suggest the gladiator sandal. they can look very fetishy
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Flat Mary Janes and ballet flats! I went looking for a pic of some very comfortable Kenneth Cole flats I have that have a plausibly fetishy-looking bit of metal hardware on them, but then I found these, which I bet would be v. cute with the outfits you're describing.
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Best answer: You don't mention if any of your foot issues make sizing difficult (I have very narrow feet, with extra narrow heels, and buying shoes for myself is positively fraught), so I searched red flat ladies shoes on amazon. And it was fun, because none of these would fit me, but I would love rocking all of them if I could. I will live vicariously through you. All of the following are available in some shade of red. If you want, I'll search for another color, or narrow for you buy a size or width. It's overwhelming to me when I'm doing it for myself, but then, I come with all my own preconceived notions about shoes, and I don't know much about what you like in shoes. So I can fill in the blanks with whatever.

Before we get started, I want to say that you will see at least one of the following pairs of shoes and think "I could never get away with that/that is not in the spirit of my fetish/ugh, that is hideous" But, I think they could all be hot on the right woman with the right outfit on the right night. Some will obviously have a greater versatility, but alllllll could be worn in the bright light of day, which is to say, none are super super super fetted up. Some could be worn ironically in a BDSM setting, depending on your role. And what is more fun that turning expectations upside down, again?

Fluevog Boogie Lace Up The "red" is actually brown, but these come in black as well. Someone else mentioned Fluevog above, and this pair is totally flat. If you can tolerate some heel, check out the wilder styles. Very fun shoes. sob they never fit me

Breckelle's Sandy 21 Lace up Oxford You've probably figured out that I think oxfords are super sexy. Why? Because reasons. Ok, they add a bit of, no really, I would kick your ass to a poofy skirt. This pair also isn't really red, it's honeysuckle. Awesome.

More oxfords, and I'm surprised nobody said Dr Martens yet. The Brook Lace up comes in burgundy and black. The Vegan Gibson 1461 gives a super chunky, more industrial addition. Here's a third choice from Dr Martens. A little more girly. Maybe as girly as Docs get.

Oxfords from Hush Puppies, no I'm not kidding. Look at those. Black tutu? Yes, do it. Available in red or white.

This is, uh, oxford inspired. Suzie Flat, from Restricted Oxford with some lace type stuff going on.

And continuing in that direction, we have mary jane shoes like these red patent ones from C Label. A nice venomy red. With an ankle strap.

Another mary jane, a little less forwardly vixen flavored. Softwalk Women's Rachel Mary Jane possibly very comfortable. Also a little industrial looking, but still sort of soft and squishy looking. Yes, there is a reason I don't talk about shoes for a living.

Further toward the feminine This red peep toe flats from Chinese Laundry (which I suspect may not be super high quality), but look at the foofy red foof on that shoe?

OK. Sit tight with me on this one. Ecco Women's Keystone Ballerina They're just the tiniest bit edgy. Just. The. Tiniest. Bit. And probably incredibly comfortable. They say, I don't give two shits what you think of my footwear.

Ballerina flats with polka dots and a bow. Dollhouse Women's Noma Ballerina Flat. It could work. Proceed with caution.

So, ballerina flat that's a little more fet? Red with gold studs. They come in other colors also.

Red jelly shoes, these would be the ironic pair, I think? $9 tops.

Snake Cap Ballet Flat slightly pointed cap toe, on a ballet flat...with some snake skin type material. Yes please.

Red metallic Valeke flat from VANELi this looks like a tiny kitten heel, but it's got cut out pattern and a tippy uppy squarish toe and I want it. It is only available on amazon in a 7.5, so, check elsewhere if that is not your size.
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I have a pair of black sandals that look great over tights or thigh-highs. Also a pair of sneaker-boots somewhat like these, which are lighter and more confortable than stompy boots.
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Best answer: So, studs are actually getting big right now. I could imagine seeing studded flats at a fetish club.

Also, what about ankle boots? It's like all the fun of a boot without the whole calf part. I think these are my favorite.

Note: I have no idea how comfortable these shoes are, just that they aren't heels or boots. I recommend adding insoles.
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In case you are not aware, not only does Zappos let you search by boot shaft circumference, both by "wide" and "extra-wide," and you can also search by circumference in inches (up to 23" and up). So, if you'd like to wear boots, there may be options out there for you.
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my wife sez maybe these:

tsubo meroes
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tsubo meroes
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Best answer: You've probably been to Sinister Soles already, but here are a few I found fun, especially the ones with zippers in the design:

DAISY-13 Black Mary Jane Flats

DAISY-07 Wingtip Mary Jane Flats

EMILY-306 Black Mary Jane Shoes

CREEPER-113 Platform Creeper Shoes
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Best answer: I was also going to suggest the studs and spikes look. A quick search on Amazon pulled up all of these.

Kind of steampunk.

Spikes and studs on black loafers

Same mary janes with chain as linked previously, but I liked them so much I linked them again.

Spikes on the back of the heel.

So many sparkly leopard print colors!

And the red and black patent leather devil flats.

Now I want more shoes, darn you!
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Somehow I missed the blood-spattered mary jane flat shoe. Someone please buy these shoes!
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Best answer: And, because any shoe question on Metafilter inevitably leads me to trawl through the Fluevog sale selection, these awesome pointy boots with a small heel. Only on sale in white, alas.

Cheetah print, pointy toe, and black ribbon.

Straps and buckles on boots.

Even more buckles.
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Black flat with chain around the ankle. I'll stop looking at shoes now.
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I haven't followed all the links above, so forgive me for any duplicates, but here are some more options:

chained-up mary jane
dark leafy sandal
more sandals, black and chains-- called "kinkki" so you know they're perfect
interesting caged effect around the ankle
similar, with more leather
more ankle straps
serious black leather sandals
plain black flat with chain

and i did not expect to be recommending chacos in this thread, but these are super sexy.
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How about those super-hightop Chuck Taylor boots in black? Calf thickness might be dodgy but they would be dead on sexy for the look you're describing.
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Response by poster: These are great suggestions! I am particularly in love with these strapilicious Fluevog boots (thanks, gingerbeer!) and these evilly cute Mary Janes (thanks, xyzzy!).
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