Where to dine in Logan UT?
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So, work takes me to Logan, Ut where I'll spend Sunday night. I need to consume the evening meal there. I have no dietary restrictions and like all cuisines I've tried. Where would I enjoy a solo dinner in Logan on Sunday night? Thanks
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Mormons do not transact business on Sunday. Logan is about 90% Mormon. Therefore 90% of the restaurants will be closed. I believe Angie's Restaurant (Corner of 6th north and main?) is open Sunday, and it is a local favorite. Gia's is also a local favorite and should be open (Just south of Center Street on Main.) College kids hang out at Factory Pizzeria, which is across the street from Gias. The garlic pizza is insane! That will be one of the few places that will serve beer with food on Sunday.

Other than that, you can just drive down Main Street from one end to the other and take note of what's open. (Almost everything in Logan is on Main.) If all else fails, all the normal restaurant chains are present.
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I really enjoyed lunch at The Beehive Grill last December, and they're open 7 days a week. They're also a brewery.
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I went to an Indian restaurant when I was in Logan on business. A Google search reveals that it was called Indian Oven; it was right on Main St. It was very good!
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Haven't been there, but the Beehive was featured in some magazine I get in the mail and it looked good. (Finding out it was a brewery made me laugh -- beehives are symbols used by Mormons a lot.)
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