Shirt ironing service in Toronto for male and female shirts
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Toronto-filter: Is there a good place to get shirts (both male and female) washed and ironed for a reasonable price? I've tried dry cleaners but while male shirts seem to be ok from a price perspective (although still expensive), female shirts (exact same material, some form of cotton blend) are charged at twice and sometimes three times the price, even though they are, almost literally, just smaller men's shirts. Any recommendations would be helpful. Thanks.
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You are unlikely to find this, honestly. Men's shirts get put in a press that irons the whole thing in one fell swoop. Women's shirts have darts and the buttons on the other side, and the machinery to do this in one quick step just doesn't exist.
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Yeah. I was going to say the same things. $.99 to 1.99 a shirt (men's) is pretty common here but womens are usually $5.99 to $7.99. Its much more labour to iron a woman's shirt.
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There was a Mythbusters (or similar show) episode that touched on this. Apparently women's shirts do just fine in the regular press. Perhaps ask your dry cleaner to give it a shot in front of you?
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I've recently moved from London where the cleaners seem to be able to cope well enough with both men's and women's shirts without any price gouging. I'll ask about the regular press thing. Somehow, I get the feeling it's a way to make more money and because it's accepted by the customer base, it doesn't change. Thanks for the feedback.
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