80s Chinese Secret, eh?
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Help me put together a list of 1980s Hollywood films that indulge in faux Asian magic and mysticism. I'm thinking along the lines of Gremlins, Big Trouble in Little China, Little Shop of Horrors, and The Golden Child. Bonus points if the plot kicks off with a wise old shopkeeper selling weird things.
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Does Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon count?
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Damn, reading fail. Sorry.
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I am immediately reminded of Treehouse of Horror II, The Monkey's Paw.

From the Simpson's.

"The frogurt is cursed"
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Response by poster: Kitty, I haven't seen The Last Dragon, but oddly enough, it was this image from that film that got me thinking about this question.
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Kung Fu: The Movie. Made-for-TV feature version of the old show. The story, seemingly influenced by Beverly Hills Cop, was about people smuggling opium into a Wild West town. But there was also this strong element of mystical Asian dimension travel, and it did not feel too authentic.
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The Last Dragon is great for pseudo-mystical Asian powers. I believe there is a side plot about magical fortune cookies.
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Hellraiser, parts I and II, for the way the Chinese(!) Puzzle Box is introduced. I seem to recall an odious Eastern-ish gent who hawks it while cackling, "what's your pleasure?"
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Remo Williams, with a guru in fake Asian makeup, played by white Joel Grey, teaching the hero how to dodge bullets like in The Matrix.
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And probably every Cannon Films movie about ninjas.
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Conan the Barbarian might count, but it's not Asian-focused; Mako totally stole that movie for me, though. You know, feel free to include Mako's Sidekicks afterward. Jonathan Brandis brings all the magic in that one. (Sorry, Chuck.)

I didn't think anyone knew about The Golden Child but me. Bless you.
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I immediately thought of two films when I read your question...

The first is The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Man Chu from 1980 starring Peter Sellers in horrible Asian makeup.

The second is Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen from 1981 starring Peter Ustinov in horrible Asian makeup.

Even as a kid, I wondered how in the world anyone thought either of those films were a good idea.
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Temple of Doom of course, has a lot of faux South Asian mysticism.
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The Karate Kid? Not magic, not as over-the-top assome of the other films mentioned, but lots of "ancient Chinese Japanese" wisdom from Mr. Miyagi.

Flash Gordon has Ming the Merciless -- not literally, but certainly morphologically Asian.

And speaking of Fu Manchu, Charlie Chan and other retreads, don't forget Peter Sellers as "Sidney Wang" in Murder By Death -- although that was a parody (and from 1976).
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Oh, and this is also from the 70's rather than the 80's, but what about the Tiki idol in The Brady Bunch Hawaii episodes?
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The Master - whitewashed Super-Ninja claptrap TV show. I remember it, because my folks let me watch it after I begged, because, hey, Ninjas! And the episode was titled "Juggernaut."

A ninja was gonna fight the Juggernaut! Yes!

No, it was interminable and boring about a rich property owner being mean or angsty or both or something. The Juggernaut didn't show, and I never asked to see it again. Airwolf and A-Team and McGuyver continued to reign supreme.
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Oh, and continuing in the "trained on a mountaintop by master of the ancient [asian] art of _____" there's "Bloodsport," starring Jean Claude Van Damme.

I don't recall if there was any mysticism involved in Mickey Rooney's culturally-sensitive portrayal of Mr. Yunioshi, an ordinary Japanese National in a foreign city, saddled with an annoying downstairs neighbor, in "Breakfast at Tiffany."

Also, I thought that "Chosen One" and "Mysticism" would be a fruitful IMDB keywords for this, but mostly my search reminded me, unfortunately, of "The Bulletproof Monk," from 1997, in which acclaimed martial-arts and high-action actor Chow Yun-Fat is partnered with acclaimed moron/bully character-actor Seann William Scott.
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Okay, I see I overlooked the "1980s" bit of the request with some of my films, but.. but...
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James Hong was the guy who filled this role in the 1980s.
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Also see: Al Leong.
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Just out of your time range: Alice.
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Since we're all interested, you may be equally shocked as I to realize that Numspa in The Golden Child was played by young, completely terrifying Tywin Lannister aka Charles Dance. I am villian-crushing so totally hard right now.
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A couple o' decades too early but, 7 Faces of Dr. Lao.
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All of Me
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1988's classic Vice Versa, a male take on the Freaky Friday trope starring Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage.
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Response by poster: I'm putting Zoltar from Big on the list.
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Not 80's, but...

The "Freaky Friday" remake starring Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis has them switch bodies due to a mystic fortune cookie. The staff at the Asian restaurant they get it from seem to know something will happen.
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Came here to mention Vice Versa. IIRC, the swap was caused by some sort of vase bought at a market in Bangkok.
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Despite being a little off-question, I feel like the book The Cricket In Times Square (1960) deserves a mention in this thread.
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I feel compelled to mention Gymkata, because I almost always feel compelled to mention Gymkata when discussing bad 80s movies. It's within your time frame, and it's martial arts! And it has tiny Kurt Thomas on a pommel horse in the middle of fictional Parmistan Town Square!
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How about The Forbidden Kingdom? From imdb.com: "An American teenager who is obsessed with Hong Kong cinema and kung-fu classics makes an extraordinary discovery in a Chinatown pawnshop: the legendary stick weapon of the Chinese sage and warrior, the Monkey King. With the lost relic in hand, the teenager unexpectedly finds himself traveling back to ancient China to join a crew of warriors from martial arts lore on a dangerous quest to free the imprisoned Monkey King."
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