Who are these random "Users" at my website?
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Wordpress. I have a website hosted by Dreamhost using Wordpress. I just got an email alerting me to a "new user registration". It is not a follower, so what is it?

The email lists the user name and email address. Today I logged onto my dashboard, clicked users and found five random user names besides my own. I have changed the "admin" username to something different, as suggested in Ask at various times, and mine is the only one in the "Administrator" role. The other five "users" are listed as subscribers, and with their combination of random letters and numbers, I don't think they're real people. Are they?

And how do they sign up in this way? I am using the Epicwin plugin for followers to sign up and receive email about new posts, but those subscribers are not listed as users like these five. Two of the email addresses are @thebest.grupki.com, which according to Google is possibly Polish, not actually set up, and/or some sort of God Ministry.

Is there any reason not to delete these users? Is some bot trying to get my information in some way? Should I worry about it? Website on my profile if it's relevant.
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It's probably a spambot completing the new user registration form.
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As odinsdream's link points out, Akismet is absolutely essential for any WordPress blog.
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I believe you can turn off new user registration in the control panel. I don't remember exactly how to do it but I do know I did it at 1. on my blog.
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Errrrr. At one point. Stupid voice recognition
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers. I have activated Akismet. If I can sneak in another question, is it best to de-activate my other anti-spam plugin, Spam Free Wordpress, since Akismet serves this function?
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I don't know if it's best, but Akismet is really good. I don't see the need to have two plugins doing the same thing. Just MHO.
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Best answer: 1. Settings > General > Membership > "Anyone can register" -- turn that off.

2. Delete those users.

There's no need on most blogs to allow people to register. If you want to add an author, you can do that as administrator.
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