An old cartoon I saw on television
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In an old cartoon clip, a rider who was perhaps but not definitely yosemite sam goes to jump on his horse again, to ride off. The horse takes exception to this and nays: "Whoooahoahoah no ya don't!" and if I remember correctly, proceeds to stand up, reach around, and yank the rider off his back. What cartoon is this? Super Friday bonus points for a YouTube link.
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I can't find a video clip of it so perhaps my memory is incorrect, but I would swear I saw Mr. Horse do this on Ren & Stimpy.
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I'm pretty certain the cartoon in question is It’s a Grand Old Nag. I remembered the horse saying the line "Gene Autry's horse gets paid a loot more than I do!" and googled that.
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I'm guessing you're looking for the character "Red Hot Ryder", who may have prefigured Yosemite Sam, much like Egghead was a prototype Elmer Fudd. There's a similar scene to what you're looking for, but not an exact match.
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I watched Grand Old Nag & it wasn't in there. I think you're right, LionIndex. I'll look around and see if I can find that scene.
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There is a Pink Panther cartoon built around the stubborn horse premise as well. It's a pretty common trope.
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I linked to the cartoon I was talking about - there's a scene about 5 min in where the horse runs off without the guy, and the horse is clearly the brains of the operation. The horse just doesn't act in the manner you generally describe. Also, "Whoa, no you don't!" is a typical Yosemite Sam expression, although I think it's usually directed at Bugs.
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