Tournament software?
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Looking for a website that lets me do this: For a set group of people, each submits a message. You can see who's sent a message, but not what the contents of the message are. When everyone's submitted a message, all the messages are revealed. This is for an online Magic: the Gathering tournament - we're having everyone submit an entry before anyone sees what anyone else submitted.
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A Google Docs form can get you a long way toward this: it's trivial to create the form and not hard to publicly expose a secondary worksheet that has just the columns from the main worksheet that you want exposed. But to make the big reveal automated, you'd have to write a little Google Apps Script that triggers on submission to check whether all submissions are in before exposing the data.
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Wordpress blog.
Register commenters, and require explict moderation in the blog settings.
When everyone has submitted their message/comments, the admin (you) approves
them all and they all appear on the entry in question.
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