Please help me find legal records management resources.
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Please help me find legal records management resources.

I have recently started a new position within the legal division of a government[-ish] agency and more and more I am getting the sense that the department wants me to revamp their records management system. Trouble is my background isn't really in legal records management [I have worked mostly in archives and libraries] so I was wondering if there are any resources out there for best practices when it comes to the organization of legal records [especially resources available online]. I think the department's current procedures for disposition are pretty sound, and the retention schedule will not be an issue, it's just...everything else. Any assistance is appreciated!
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I manage a large records management environment. I don't have a ton of time for professional development as the product chosen by the legal team is incredibly, ridiculously, and constantly broken.

However, I asked a member of the legal team what blogs and other online resources he uses, he provided these three:

Also, you may want to go on more than "getting a sense" as far as revamping the entire system. Has anyone said anything concrete? Is there a budget for it? Will that mean changing systems?

Changing systems would entail migrating records from one system to another, which can be very expensive and time consuming. TransVault is a company that does migration.
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Sort of depends on what kind of records, eh? You could start by exploring what similar agencies with recent overhauls behind them have done.....
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Ask over on RECMGMT-L, they will have great answers for sure.
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