Help me buy some crutches
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Anyone know where or how I can get a custom ordered crutches for my fiancee? She has CP and uses crutches to walk with, their standard crutches are pretty ugly, so I'd like to get her a pair in her favorite color or two, and maybe one in ivory for our wedding. Where can I order a pair of crutches in custom colors that have the cuff to prevent coming off when she falls? This style.
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Crippie (of paints cans (here they are. She may be willing to paint some crutches for you, or know where you can get some in different colors. She did a whole project on mobility aids prior to her college graduation.
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cans=canes. Oh, for an edit window.
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I don't know where you are but searching might be easier if you look for Lofstrand crutches.

Here (BC, Canada) you'd talk to a Physio as the ministry has some funding for Seating & Mobility.
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I use forearm crutches sometimes due to Spastic Paraparesis. I got my maroon ones from Award Prosthetics from Burnaby, BC. I'm not sure where you're at, but in the US, I had to pay for these out of pocket. However, they've been worth it - the grips are soft and ergonomic, the tips are extremely durable, and they've lasted for two years now, surviving everything from cross country travel to metal concerts.

They are pricy, but they also have some great, fun colors. And because they're half plastic, they're also really light.
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I also have a pair of the Walk Easy crutches, I massively prefer the Award Prosthetics ones.
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I've seen Fashionable Canes recommended on Mefi*, they have a nice selection og styles and materials and some pretty things.

*Bookmarked them so I could get a crystal skull cane when I'm old to whack youngsters with.
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oops link.
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Oh - no crutches. I R dumb. Sorry!
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Sorry to be all over your question, but I was so ashamed of getting it wrong that I immediately struck out into the wilds of google to find you some AWESOME CRUTCHES.

- SmartCrutch has funky colored crutches.
- Millenial Medical has colored bottom sticks and some fun and funky skins for your sticks to prettify/funkify them.
- Colorful crutches from Kowsky.
It seems you already found Walk Easy.
A lot of people seem to love SideStix.
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Hurricane Crutch has a letter on their customer testimonials page from a woman who'd been using their crutches for years. When her now-husband proposed, one of the first things she did was order a pair in white to match her dress. There's a photo on the website's photos page of the two of them in their wedding finery looking happy.
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Ooh! Custom creative crutches!

Stopping now. I swear. This was just such a cool thing to look for.
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It's OK - it helps me too! While my crutches are going strong, I may be in the market for a new pair. It's good to see all the options out there.
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