Hotelzzz at Sydney Airport
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What's the nearest bed to Arrivals at Sydney airport? I'll be fresh off a 24 hour journey and I can never sleep on planes. I don't mind paying, but any advice on airport hotels, especially any to avoid, much appreciated...
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I've used the Mercure a couple of times and been happy with it. Won't swear that it' closest but it's close.
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Sydney Airport is very close to downtown, about 10km, and I am pretty sure there are no hotels inside the airport, so you're going to have to travel a couple of km at minimum - might be worth just looking for a hotel in sydney in general. Are you looking to get a 2 hour nap, or somewhere to actually stay in Sydney?
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Holiday Inn.

All of these are close to the Sydney Airport.
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Yeah, the Mecure is the closest according to google maps. According to their website: "The Airport is located 5 to 10 minutes away from the hotel and we have a shuttle bus that runs every 30 to 40 minutes." But the walk could be complicated, especially after no sleep for 24hrs. I think it would be easier to catch a taxi, even though you'll porbably spend more time in the line than in the taxi. Most of the ones vidur has linked to are nearer the domestic, so you'd have to catch a taxi, but it'd still only be maybe 5min. I'm sure they are all fine, (though check tripadvisor) especially if this is just a stopover. They are also probably accustomed to people wanting rooms at strange times, which might be an issue for you if you are on one of the 6am flights.

Another option would be to go into Sydney itself. The Airport train is literally underneath the arrival hall, so it's not much more difficult than catching a taxi. My parents stayed here recently, (I think - the address looks right), and it was about a 2 minutes walk to Museum train station, which is on the airport line. Ask for a back room though, as the road could be noisy.
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I've stayed at the Stamford and the Holiday Inn. The Stamford is close to the airport (but you'll probably still need to catch a shuttle rather than walk) and it's okay for the price. Seems to be used by a lot of flight crews. The Holiday Inn is a few blocks further but it's close to a train station. The put on a good buffet breakfast.
If you're coming from North America, there is a good chance that you'll be arriving early in the morning, long before check-in time, so it may be difficult to get quickly out of the airport, into a shower and off to bed.
The Airport Link train can get you to downtown Sidney in about 20 minutes.

On preview, kjs4 has it - no real need to limit your choices to hotels near the airport. If you are arriving very early in the morning ask about early arrivals when you make make your reservation - you may have to pay for the previous night to get an immediate bed but it might be worth it.
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Is your ultimate destination outside of Sydney or are you staying in Sydney? The Airport it actually not that far from the Central Sydney (30 mins Taxi to most places south of the harbour). but for an extended stay I wouldn't want to stay down there. There is nothing around Botany etc..

Whats your arrival time of day as that does make a difference with traffic. I'd just get a taxi / train into town and stay somewhere in the city its only going to add 30 mins to to time you have to wait for a bed.
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As others have said Sydney CBD is 30 mins by taxi or train from arrivals ... and Botany is a hole.

The observatory hotel is really nice, there are some nice ones in the Rocks area.
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Response by poster: Thanks, folks! - looks like I'll try and hold it together long enough to get into the middle of town on the train. I'm staying in Sydney for a few days, but getting in at 7.30 and anticipating a wait at immigration.
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I joined metafilter just to tell you that you definitely should not stay near the airport in Sydney, that area is horrible. The hotels may be fine, but there's absolutely no where to go if it's 3am, and you're awake and hungry. There isn't even a 7/11, and if there was it'd be full of chain-smoking 8 year olds asking for change.

I recommend staying somewhere in the city centre, or possibly the Inner West (eg. Newtown or Glebe), both which are reasonably close to the airport (10-15mins taxi ride), but at least you'd be waking up in an awesome area with nice cafes and amenities the next day.
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If you're getting in at 7.30 on a weekday, do not catch a taxi, unless you get stuck in immigration until well after 9. The traffic around the airport can be an unmitigated disaster. The train will be faster, though squishier.

Not sure how much travel you've done in Australia, but just in case this is the first time, here are some details (I know how nice it is to know details ahead of time after a long flight). Generally the fastest way to get through customs at Sydney is to have some sort of small food item - chocolate is good, and declare it. The nice customs man will then ask for details, you tell him it's chocolate, and they wave you straight through. (Keep it somewhere near the top of your suitcase/carry on, just in case they want to see it). Except when they don't (has happened to me once). If you've been on a farm recently, they will want to check your shoes, and maybe clean them, which may take awhile.

The ticket machines at most train stations take money upto a $20, and often a credit card with a pin. If you don't have either, you'll have to buy one from the ticket counter, which I'm sure will be open when you go through. You can specify your exact stop, or chose "City", which includes all the central stations. Put your ticket in the slot at the barrier as indicated by the arrows on the ticket, and keep it somewhere obvious, as you will need it at the other end. (There are wide gates for people with suitcases.)

ATM's (and I'm sure you'll see one on your way to the train station) will generally give $50's and $20's, and they'll give you the minimum number of bills, so if you ask for $100, you'll be stuck with two fifties, so pick a less straighforward number. If you can, travel near the front of the train. It'll give you longer to work out which station you're at, as they aren't always announced, or even that well labelled.

Stations should have a map of the local area somewhere obvious near the barriers or ticket machines. The exits for underground stations (most of the central ones except Circular Quay) are generally labelled by a street (eg. Elizabeth St - west). Taking a couple of minutes to work out which exit you want can save you a lot of above ground back tracking. Central Station is the worst for this as it is huge, so I would avoid tackling central when jetlagged. (It took me a good couple of years to work out how all the tunnels connected). Museum station isn't wheelchair accessible, which might be an issue if you have a lot of luggage.
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Response by poster: Thanks very much everyone. The trip was a complete success, and for posterity it's definitely easy to head straight into the centre of Sydney.
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