Man, I miss Demonoid.
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Looking for a chart that lists the five defining albums of each sub-genre of electronic music.

I think that the chart itself was put together by users of some message board, and consisted of maybe 15-20 genres with five album covers under each genre. I remember that someone had gotten all the albums together and put it on Demonoid, and the torrent was called something like "Massive Introduction to Electronic Music".

I've googled the hell out of it but haven't had any luck. All I've found is Ishkur's Guide, which isn't what I'm looking for.
Thanks for your help!
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Maybe this?

I found it by googling your phrase in quotes.
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Best answer: /mu/ essentials

For many genres, not just electronic.
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Best answer: I saved this off Demonoid some time ago. Since I only have a local copy of it, I'll MeMail it to you....
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Response by poster: Thanks guys!

From Piano's memail message, I was able to find the description of the Demonoid torrent.

That site has a link to the chart itself, but it's blocked where I work so I can't tell if the link still works.
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