Where in SoCal can I find an affordable shingles vaccination?
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Where in SoCal can I find an affordable shingles vaccination?

I just went down to the local Walgreen's and discovered the shingles vaccination will set me back 300 bucks since it's not covered by my insurance. I'm going to get the shot but I'm hoping to find it for less. Does anyone have any suggestions? A location in San Bernardino or Riverside counties is preferred but I 'll drive further if the price justifies.
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Have you tried the county health department?
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Yeah, try the county health department. Here in Ohio, our H.D. offers vaccines for little to no money if you don't have insurance or your insurance doesn't cover vaccinations. For example, I can get my kids the Gardasil vaccine at the H.D. for $14.67 per shot, per kid (it's a three-shot series) because our insurance doesn't cover vaccinations. At the doctor's office or at Walgreen's or Kroger, it would be around $300 per shot, per kid.
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Google "free clinic" or "low-cost clinic" in Riverside and surrounding areas and you should find some leads.
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I didn't see it on the list of San Bernardino county health options (no surprise) nor on the list for Riverside (somewhat of a surprise; them I'd call).

The closest guaranteed clinic which absolutely offers low-cost shingles vaccines is Vista Community Clinic (my hometown, which is why I know it) who list it on their website. It's about 75 miles from Redlands. You might also check the Temecula clinic of the Neighborhood Healthcare organization; they don't have the best website but they're in Riverside County and they've got a phone number you can easily call.
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