Recommendations for a Seattle therapist and/or resources?
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Seeking recommendations for a therapist and resources for an 18 year old female in the Seattle/North Seattle (Shoreline) area (abuse, possible PTSD, and more).

Looking for recommendations for a therapist for my family member who presents as outgoing and warm and is very very bright.

Not sure if the following is relevant, but adding it anyways. She has a genetic predisposition to bipolar disorder and ADD (based on immediate family members), as well as an above-average IQ. She has asked for therapy and says that she "just needs to talk to someone". History includes abuse (sexual, as related to me) and likely PTSD (she was abducted by one parent for 5 years and told that the other parent was out to get them; they lived in shelters and she was forced to change her first name for the duration-- seems like that would result in PTSD to me but I'm not qualified to say).

She might have access to a therapist for low- to no-cost until she turns 19. I'm not clear on Washington State law these days, but it seems that she is somehow covered for doctor visits until then (as she has told me-- may be a part of another coverage that of which I'm not aware). She also works part-time at a grocery store that gives her Group Health benefits (I don't know the details but I can ask); she has no other income. After she turns 19 (or before, if there are no better options) our family will be paying the therapist directly. Ideally we take advantage of any low/no cost options until they run out and then we pay whatever it costs. It would be crucial that she develops a relationship with one therapist and is allowed to remain with them indefinitely.

Again, she has asked for a therapist and says that she will do whatever it takes to get there one day a week if we can make it happen for her. She's in the Shoreline area but can get to anywhere necessary via the bus system. I am not in the area myself but my brother is in Washington State. Recommendations? Resources?
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Here are some good resources for King County/Seattle. I recommend going to NAMI meetings if she's up to it. The folks there may have more suggestions on local providers. There's a women's group meeting a week from today:
Women’s Consumer Support Group for all diagnoses
NAMI Greater Seattle Office
802 NW 70th St.
contact Teresa - (206) 306-2329
NAMI Greater Seattle's phone number is 800-782-9264, and they can also hook you up with local resources.
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Memailed you.
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Have you tried Ryther? Easy to get to from Shoreline.

In Shoreline itself: Center for Human Services.

Those are both going to be cheap or sliding scale. I can give you the name of a great therapist in North Seattle, but she'll be a lot more expensive.
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A few others. I don't know them personally; the comments are from someone else. This is a few years old and might be out of date.

Sound Mental Health 206-302-2300 SMH can send therapists out into the community

Community Psychiatric Clinic. • CPC has an office near Shoreline located at 10501 Meridian Ave. S 206-545-2354

Seattle Children’s Hospital New patients information and intake: 206-987-3560
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Dr. Carole Anne Coryell.

She has experience with the entire gamut of issues listed, is an absolute professional, and her compassionate commitment to teaching coping while honouring the struggles of the person who has come for help is utterly peerless.

Her practice is in Bellevue.
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Unfortunately Bellevue is annoying to get to from Shoreline, if she's relying on the bus.
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Based on my experience (bus during "snow week" from Cap Hill to & from), her help is entirely worth it.
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