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I am looking for a screen shot of the end credits for "Tinker, Tailor, Solder, Spy".

I deduced it was a shot of Oxford College (thanks Morse) and see the contrast of the "Red brick/Sand Stone" analogy but I cannot find the ruddy
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I'm guessing you're on the wrong side of the pond, but I saw it from Netflix. You could capture your own?
posted by glibhamdreck at 8:04 PM on August 9, 2005

Best answer: Here you go, old chap. Moscow rules.
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Response by poster: thanks DIMMN, er, not infer anything from the acronym. I owe you a "moscow mule".
made my day.

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That shot was taken approximately here. I suspect it's slightly further down the street, looking south from the porters' lodge of Hertford College.
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Response by poster: Mousecatchers delightful. and cat street. closed to motor cars in 73'. Smiley disliked cars and that was around 'Tinkers' time-line to say the least it was Georges' Alma Mater. And the Porters lodge. Great stuff. Fitting. Thanks Holgate and thanks again for the screen shot Mr. H
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