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Where in Brooklyn can I watch the DNC tonight? I'm looking for a bar.

I live in Clinton Hill and would like to watch the DNC speeches tonight. Anyone know of a bar that will be having a DNC-watching event? I'd like to avoid going to Manhattan if at all possible.
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Just go to the Democrats campaign office on 87th street. I'm sure there will be plenty of drinking as the convention showcases a few more stumbles on live tv tonight.
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Another option is to search for a house party. I got an email from the campaign about a house party in my neighborhood (seriously, like four blocks from my place).
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Four years ago, I watched one of the debates (VP, I believe) at Pacific Standard. According to their Twitter feed, they've been showing the DNC this week, though you can call to double-check that they'll be doing so again tonight. Good beer selection. They also have trivia I believe on Sunday nights.
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Here's the link to find a watch party near you.
They seem to be mostly at bars, and there seem to be a lot of them in bkln.
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I ended up watching at Black Swan in Bed-Stuy for future reference.
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