What is the name of this injected glass technique?
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My mum brought me back a glass pendant from Paris years ago, and always regretted not getting one herself. What is the name for this kind of pendant so I can try and find one for her?

She bought the pendant from a stall in La Defence, but given this was in 1998 I'm not counting on the stall still being there - I'm off to Paris next month so if it's a popular French style, this would be good to know.

I don't have it to hand to photograph, but the pendant was made from glass into which various coloured pigments were injected to make a kind of hexagonal design that was reminiscent of flowers. It looked kind of like those tubes of patterned Fimo which you slice pieces off to make flat-sided patterned shapes.

I've tried searching on Etsy for 'injected glass' to no avail, so perhaps there's a name for this technique I don't know? I would love to be able to find one of these for her Christmas present!
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(made with rods of glass {or Fimo}, IIRC, that are rolled together)
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My mum definitely said the glass was injected with pigments. I think she said she saw the lady do it on the stall, but given glass needs to set I'm not sure how likely this is.
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Millefiori is right, or maybe "murano glass". Though murano glass is more associated with Venice, not France.

I remember these being really popular in the late 90's, so there's a strong chance that this wasn't a local handicraft but just something that was hot with Parisian teenagers at the time. That said, you might be able to find one. Who knows?

FWIW, if you ever find yourself in Venice, this stuff is fricken everywhere.
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Murano glass? On phone, can't link, but Google images has heaps of photos. Would obviously not be actual murano glass if it was made in Paris, though.
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kmennie has it.
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Did it look something like this? Because that's the Millefiori technique in murano glass.
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Sara C - yes, very much like that!
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There is a glass shop on Rue Saint-Louis en l'île, closer to the end of the island near Notre-Dame. I don't know the name - I only recall it being very unobtrusive and not terribly flashy. I went there first over a year ago, and it was there again in July of this year when I visited. It had the type of glass that you're looking for, as well as several other glass options, and I recall prices being very reasonable considering the location.
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I see those necklaces in jewellers pretty often, you might be able to find one local to you without a lot of trouble.
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