Content Swap, Noob Edition!
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I need help archiving a live domain and replacing it with a sub domain.

So I'm a complete noob when it comes to back-end web publishing, and I need help! I was roped into creating a new website for a friend, and apparently what I did (through Godaddy, his host) was create a sub domain wherein I generated content for the new website. So, for example, the current live address is The sub domain I created is called How do I archive the content on and replace it with the new content on

Also, is there a quick way to fix all the links once I've done this? His current content appears to have been created from scratch, and I used Wordpress.
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What did you use to create the website? If it is Wordpress follow the directions in the preferences to serve the site from a directory other than the one where it is hosting. It is a 30 second change. If it a static HTML site you should be able to massage the htaccess file to accomplish what you want, but you'll have to google up help for that. I'm not confident enough with htaccess to be giving out step by step instructions.
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