Seeking simple four-poster beds
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My wife and I really love this simple, wooden four-poster bed from the design showroom SUITE New York. Unfortunately, it costs over $8,000, which is a good bit more than we'd like to pay. Can you recommend any cheaper beds in a similar style, or stores/designers which might carry something like this? (We live in NYC.) Thanks!
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How close are you to Vermont? (Prices shown include shipping).
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Room and Board. I found the salespeople in the Soho store very helpful when I bought my bed from there.
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Pottery Barn farmhouse bed.
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Seconding Room & Board; looks like something I'd expect to see there.
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John Cohen's idea is about half the price as the one I found.
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Crate and Barrel has the Pavillion Canopy Bed at their outlet. Queen is $1199 and King is $1399
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Here is one that is made of solid hardwood by a New Mexico manufacturer. You can buy it from this website, and if you don't like the pictured headboard there are a number of different options you can pick from (including no headboard). Should be under $1,000 even if you pick the more expensive options.

I have a simpler (non-four-poster) maple platform bed from the same company and it's very solidly constructed although the design is pretty basic.
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Are you handy? You can get the platform bed from Ikea and screw 2X4s to the frame. Home Depot or Lowes will cut them to the length you want.
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This is similar.
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I build furniture (good stuff), so here's my 2 cents:

At $8K for the original, you're not paying for the bed, you're paying for the privilege of shopping at a fashionable boutique furniture store. There's nothing about the bed itself that can possibly justify that price.

Tilde's Vermont suggestion is probably the best-built, and also the best option if you want a natural wood finish. But it's still about three grand for a queen.

The similar-looking ones from Room & Board are all steel, not wood.

The ones from Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn are decently well made (not great) but painted.

The one made in New Mexico is junk; there's simply not enough wood there to make a sound structure. At less than $1K, I suspect the fit and finish is pretty bad.

I don't see anything in IKEA's catalog that would be worth modifying to achieve this look, either.
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The discontinued Ikea Edland is similar, and solid wood. It's probably not the sturdiest thing, as it is Ikea furniture, but should be pretty easy to find on Craigslist.
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I've had good luck getting furniture custom built in NYC. Post something on Craigslist and see what you come up with? Or MeMail me for a rec.
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+1 for the Architecture bed at Room & Board. West Elm briefly made a knockoff. I bought it and regret it. Sure, I saved money, but there is no substitute for the real Architecture bed (except for maybe the Portica Bed, also from Room & Board)
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Have someone build it for you. Or, if you have the space, tools, and inclination, give it a go yourself. But there are tons of folks in NYC who would build this for a fair price.
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Amish Modern Shaker Canopy Bed - about $1k
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Thank you for all the recommendations. We bought our last couch at Room & Board and have been very pleased. However, we do prefer wood to metal.

We have no desire to build a bed ourselves, or hack something together from Ikea parts. We also have no desire to buy something from a fashionable boutique and pay for the privilege, hence our question in the first place! Again, really appreciate all these suggestions.
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Here's a nice one for about $3,000. But I have no idea if they'd ship it from Portland, OR.
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We bought a great king size canopy bed at - it's sold out now but I see another with good reviews. I realize it's not the colour you were after but if it's the minimalist canopy aspect that appeals to you, you might like this.
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Ikea do something very similar in design ... google image search ikea 4 poster bed and the first few images are what I bought ... but it doesn't seem to be available on their online catalog.

I can confirm that it was damn comfy ... but the quality of the materials was not the best ... solid enough, but not exactly hardwood.
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