Nice Bike Rides day trips from Central NJ
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Looking for Nice Bike Rides - day trips from Central NJ

We recently did the Jim Thorpe Bike, Pa bike ride and would like to see if similar types exist up to 2 hr ride from Central NJ. Basically it was a 25 mile flat to 2% downgrade ride along the Lehigh river.

We stayed in Jim Thorpe and paid for a shuttle to take us to the beginning of the trail (with bikes) and than rode the 25 miles back to Jim Thorpe. Took about three hours and was very scenic.

Anything else like that around - not into too much hilly riding just trying to get some enjoyable exercise and maybe an overnight destination to enjoy. If further from Central NJ reccomend also it would be nice to add on as part of a longer trip.

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D&R Canal State Park, you can start at any point really, though i usually start here, and ride in either direction.

The historic towpath along the main canal from Bakers Basin Road (Trenton) to New Brunswick has a natural surface for hiking, jogging, horseback riding, and biking. From Mulberry Street to Bakers Basin Road, the trail is crushed stone. The trail along the feeder canal is made of fine textured crushed stone and is for hiking, jogging and biking.
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Not exactly the same thing but I also sometimes ride in Saddle River County Park. There are multiple entrances/parking lots. If you do the full circuit (it's not a circle but more of a Y-shape) it's 14 miles (by my calculations). It is a park so there are pedestrians, rollerbladers, and other general public, but i've never had issues as long as you ride carefully.
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Newly opened Duke Farms in Hillsborough has 18 miles of trails and lots of interesting sights; a good portion of the trails are wide and freshly-paved but some are purposely left as gravel or wood chip paths. This New York Times piece might pique your interest.

I have lived near the Saddle River parks and while they're a great resource for residents—my parents walk there every day!—I wouldn't say that they're the kind of parks you would, like, make a special trip for.
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