Have dog, will daytrip.
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Mefites, do you know of any nice, dog-friendly beach for a day trip in New Jersey or Delaware?

My partner, my dog (here and here) and myself are trying to plan a day trip to a beach in either New Jersey or Delaware from south eastern PA this weekend.

Ideally, it would be great if the dog could be off leash, as he's super high energy and a day running around would be good for all of us. If not, that's quite alright; leashed will work. I know that the leash and dog rules vary from state to state and from beach to beach. My research tells me that the dates dogs are allowed on the beach varies, as well. So, I've come to you, metafilter, for suggestions. Where can we go that will make a good day for all of us?
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Some greyhound groups go to Dewey Beach, and I've heard it's pretty nice. Here's their info page about dogs on the beach.
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