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Can I transfer apps bought from the App Store to another person/Apple ID?

Backstory: Got a free iPad 1 when it launched (some time back) and for a while I pitched a tent in the Apple Camp and bought a craploads of apps. Stupid expensive apps that I never use. Now I want to give them away 'cause I'm pretty sure my next tablet is No Apple. Not sell them or anything just give them to friends that might use them better. Is this possible in a legit way? Or some hack/jailbreak way? My iPad is not jailbroken.
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You can share apps with up to 5 other users (by copying the app from your Mobile Applications folder in iTunes to theirs) but they will need your Apple ID and password in order to use or update them. This is workable for spouses etc, but you may not be comfortable with a lots of different people having your Apple ID and password.
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Yeah that is not what I'm after. I want to transfer the app entirely, I no longer have it and my friend gets complete ownership. They should be able to use the 5 computers rule themselves.
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Not possible. I've sat in several Apple presentations about this issue vis-a-vis iPads in an education setting.
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This is absolutely do-able.

Jailbreak the iPad and add '' to the list of repositories in the 'sources' tab at the bottom. Once added, install the 'AppSync' application from the new repository then load the app onto the iPad like usual via iTunes.

Detailed instructions:
>After jailbreak open Cydia
>Go to 'Sources' and add the repository ''
>Once installed go into hackulo's repository and install the version of 'AppSync' that corresponds to the iPad's OS version (if you jailbroke 5.1.1 then use 'AppSync for iOS 5.0+')
>Once AppSync has been installed take the app you want to give away (bobsyouruncle.ipa) and load it into their iTunes and onto the ipad the normal way.

I am not trying to stir up controversy on whether or not this is legal. Jailbreaking itself is legal and the OP wants to give up all ownership of said apps, not make copies for distribution. There is probably a grey area here on ownership vs licensing of the apps and I am not ignoring that, however I could argue that this is merely an exercise of a hypothetical how-to and/or that the point of this site is for education as much as advice; I have answered the OP's question and shown that it is indeed feasible despite arguments against.

Good Luck : )
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I should note that your iPad does not need to be jailbroken, only the destination device. Just pull the app file from your computer (AppName.ipa) and give it to the recipient, following the above instructions to load it.

Updates to the app will not work, so update the app via your own iTunes account beforehand.
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MansRiot: I guessed that it would be possible to get the app to another device by jailbreaking. I'm surprised that only the destination device needed to be broken. Good to know. But as you said "Updates to the app will not work" which is makes this procedure not the complete "transfer" I'm looking for. Not to mention that it requires a pretty techy recipient or myself doing a risky jailbreaking procedure on a friends device.

I'm gonna with "this can't be done" and continue my ranting about the Intellectual Property Lobbyists cherry picking when to liken immaterial goods to material goods. I.e. downloading a song? That's like shoplifting a cd! You want to give away a song? That is nothing like giving away a used cd!
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