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TARDIS-filter: My partner and I have vaguely-substantiated plans to go as Doctor Who (10th ed.) and the TARDIS for Halloween. I will be the TARDIS, because blinky-light-headbands are cool now.

I have procured blue pants, but I am especially at a loss to find TARDIS blue flats. Custom chucks? Ballet flats? White PF Flyers, painted with extra-blue stuff? If you were a lady TARDIS who was not especially inclined to tempt Pennsylvania's weather with blue suede heels, what would you wear?

Budget: $50 or under, closer to $100 if they are durable and can be worn to work in a library afterwards.

Space cookies if you can suggest a reasonable brighter blue (not navy) blazer, jumper, cardigan, or shirt to top it off with!
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TARDIS cosplay has been a thing for a while, so you might find help here: Tumblr (some unrelated, but still) and Flickr. I've noticed some people go vague while others go literal, so you've got a lot of options!
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How about a set of chucks?

They come in a ton of colors, and you get props for the 10th reference. (You can also probably find them cheaper if you shop around online).
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Tardis 11 would be way easier because that shade is popular right now: Vans Chucks Vans 2 Puma ballet flats

Tardis 10: Converse Adidas flats

This is just from browsing Zappos blue. Try Piperlime blue too!
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Have you seen the episode The Doctor's Wife?

You could dress as this version of the TARDIS, perhaps with some clear TARDISing badges or something to make it clearer.
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Personally I think you should make him be the TARDIS and cross play yourself as the Doctor.
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Response by poster: Have you seen the episode The Doctor's Wife?

This was actually the impetus! It was so charming that we started saying things like "Where's my thief?" in public, which is not actually a good idea, unless it is Halloween and you are dressed like a mad English man/a police box. I did want to be a certain SPACE ARCHAEOLOGIST but I resemble a blue box more than River Song. Also I am getting a shawl with galaxy-printed fabric, so that I can wrap myself in the "fabric of time and space." (I have no shame.) Anyway, these are great! I am seriously considering the Puma sneakers!

Re: cross-dressing. My partner has SUBSTANTIALLY better sideburns than I do! So it works out.
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Have you looked in thrift stores? Goodwill? You can get some pretty reasonably priced coats and blazers.

That's precisely where I just started putting together my Captain Jack Harkness costume (and I'm a lady person!).

And hey, I'm just over on the other side of the Ben Franklin; if I wasn't the asocial introvert type, I'd work this into a Philly Dr Who-themed meetup.
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